Why are you doing this?

Nuclear energy is the only technology that can lift humanity out of poverty while protecting the natural environment. However, it is under attack in Europe, Asia, and North America by anti-nuclear activists who are funded by natural gas and renewable energy interests.

On October 20, 2019, pro-nuclear activists around the world will stand up for nuclear to show support for this revolutionary technology and educate the public on its importance for prosperity--and posterity! 

What does a Stand Up consist of?

A Stand Up consists of spending a minimum of two hours at a train station, park, central plaza, or other public space on October 20th with a table and/or signs to show support of nuclear energy and talk to passersby. 

Each Stand Up will look different depending on the host of the event and the city it takes place in.

What do I have to do to participate?

All we’re asking is that people attend their local Stand Up on October 20th in support of nuclear energy and its benefits - that’s it! 

If you don’t see your city on the list of Stand Ups, contact us to register your city for its own Stand Up for Nuclear. 

Who is the Nuclear Pride Coalition?

The Nuclear Pride Coalition is an alliance of independent, grassroots civil society organizations and individuals who advocate for maintaining existing nuclear plants and expanding the global nuclear fleet. 

The founding Nuclear Pride Coalition members are

  • Ecomodernist Society (Finland)

  • Ecomodernist Society (Netherlands)

  • Energy for Humanity (UK - Switzerland)

  • Environmental Progress (U.S.)

  • Partei der Humanisten (Germany)

  • Mothers for Nuclear (Switzerland)

  • Nuklearia (Germany)

  • Saving Our Planet (France-UK-Norway-Turkey)

  • Ecomodernist Society (“Ökomoderne”, Germany)

  • The Thorium MSR Foundation (Netherlands)

  • Students for Nuclear (U.S.)

  • Voices of Nuclear (France)

  • Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (France)

  • Nuclear Mythbusters (Taiwan)

  • Green Nuclear Energy Student Alliance (South Korea)

  • Seattle Friends of Fission (U.S.)

  • 100 TWh (Belgium)

Are you funded by the industry?

No, Stand Up for Nuclear is independent, meaning no contributions from energy companies or energy interests. We rely on small donations and philanthropic contributions to put on this event. 

How is the nuclear industry involved in this event?

Stand Up for Nuclear is free from industry money and resources, but we highly encourage nuclear plant workers, engineers, and other industry employees to attend their local event to Stand Up with us. 

Do you need volunteers?

We need you to help grow our pro-nuclear movement — whoever you are, however much time you have. And a movement needs all kinds, from artists to designers to scientists to... well, you.

Do I need to get a permit to host a Stand Up?

Depending on where you decide to host your Stand Up, you may have to receive authorization from the city or local authorities. Be sure to contact your local government to determine what you need.

Do you have materials I can use for my Stand Up?

Yes! Sign up to host a Stand Up in your city and we will send you resources including press releases, banners, logos, printed materials, and anything else we have used at past events. 

How can I learn more about nuclear energy?

If you’re excited to learn more about nuclear energy, check out “The Complete Case For Nuclear” at EnvironmentalProgress.org.