As little as a year ago, renewables were widely expected to be the solution to climate change. Nuclear energy seemed to be a dead technology. But things have changed. Now, Germany’s renewable energy experiment has been exposed as a failure, the United Kingdom’s usage of renewables is declining, and the United States is saving nuclear plants. Renewables have been exposed as wasteful and deadly to endangered species.

Despite these successes, nuclear is in trouble. The industry is at risk of losing around the world. The situation is urgent.

Now is the time to have courage and stand up for nuclear. We need you.

We are a coalition of passionate and concerned scientists, advocates, parents, and students around the world that knows that nuclear energy is the only solution to widespread poverty and climate change.

The independent grassroots civil society organizations participating in Stand Up for Nuclear include:

  • Ecomodernist Society (Finland)

  • Ecomodernist Society (Netherlands)

  • Energy for Humanity (UK - Switzerland)

  • Environmental Progress (U.S.)

  • Partei der Humanisten (Germany)

  • Mothers for Nuclear (Switzerland)

  • Nuklearia (Germany)

  • Saving Our Planet (France-UK-Norway-Turkey)

  • Ecomodernist Society (“Ökomoderne”, Germany)

  • The Thorium MSR Foundation (Netherlands)

  • Students for Nuclear (U.S.)

  • Seattle Friends of Fission (U.S.)

  • Voices of Nuclear (France)

  • Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy (France)

  • Nuclear Mythbusters (Taiwan)

  • Green Nuclear Energy Student Alliance (South Korea)

  • 100 TWh (Belgium)